Exciting online cooking games for boys to play for free

Exciting online cooking games for boys to play for free
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Cooking games for boys – If you think that cooking is just for girls then we will prove you wrong with this cooking games girl. They are not only a game for girls but boys can play them too.

Exciting online cooking games for boys to play for free

Cooking Diary®: Tasty Hills

Your grandfather has invited you to Tasty Hills to make your dreams of becoming the greatest chef in history. Solve the mystery of the collapse of the empire in his restaurant, make new friends and fight with the cunning opponents. Prove your skills in front of food critics fair but difficult.

Cooking Diary is games time management fun, fast-paced. Put the multitasking skills of you on the test. Prepared dozens of dishes great with you and your assistant to winning the hearts of customers. Join a guild cuisines or create one of your own and join the competition thrilling.

cooking games for boys

Join a guild cuisines or create one of your own and join the competition thrilling

Open the new restaurant, decorated to your liking and become the best chef in Tasty Hills! Put a new sound system in your restaurant to satisfy the music tastes of customers and get the tip or more or buy a new TV to entertain your customers while they wait for their order. Be the interior design of the restaurant of your very own! This cooking games for boys allow you to designe your back wall, floor and decorate your dinner with the paintings and the curtains eye-catching. Become the most luxurious in town, with hundreds of products, clothes and various accessories. Grow a beard or mustache or change the hairstyle, eye color or even the shape of your face!

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Cookbook Master

Cook Book is a cooking games for boys with more than 40 ingredients and lets the creativity of gourmet of you lose! Eggs, cheese, potatoes, mushrooms, bread, chili, chocolate, exotic spices and extracts, and even fruit! Learn and master more than 30 recipes, real life! Prepare delicious dishes and tempting desserts like Spaghetti Alla Bolognese, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Caesar Salad, Hamburger, beef Stroganoff, Stuffed Mushrooms, white Cake, Lava Cake, molten and many other dishes! Don’t forget to upgrade your kitchen with the professional equipment will help you cook mouth-watering faster and better!

cooking games for boys

Cooking games for boys – Challenge yourself to complete the book and create your recipe

Play the minigames cooking fun to master the culinary arts of the eggs breaking, cutting vegetables, stirring and much more! Complete cookbook of you, try and get all the star ratings in every recipe and become an expert chef! If you need a simulator cooking to get some practice before going to the kitchen for real if you just can’t let go try your foodie experience even when on the go, this cooking games for boys is perfect for you! Challenge yourself to complete the book your recipe and try your hand in making all of the single dishes perfectly! Prove to your friends and even your mom, you can handle yourself very well in the kitchen!

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Cooking Breakfast

Wake up and start your morning with a nutritious breakfast and nutritious that you do. To stay healthy, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar. Even if you don’t like to eat at first, you will become hungry while playing this appetizing cooking. Prepare breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day, for the whole family.

cooking games for boys

Cooking games for boys – Add some sausage or cheese to get a perfect breakfast

First, for a little oil to the pan cook and fry an egg, a little bacon, and sausage. Spices food you choose with a little salt and pepper if you want. To satisfy the different preferences you can cook breakfast, full English, famous ham, and eggs or fried eggs. You can also bake bread and choose your drink: milk, water, chocolate, water, or orange juice. But be careful when you pour when cooking games for boys!

You can also choose a plate for your breakfast to look delicious on all counts. Add some sausage or cheese to get a perfect breakfast, or treat yourself to a delicious croissant and tasty waffles. In addition, a variety of fruits give you a healthy meal, so there’s a sweet strawberry, juicy oranges, delicious bananas or apples healthy. Finally, choose a perfect toy for the occasion and decorate the plate your breakfast or kitchen.

Cooking Tycoon

cooking games for boys

Cooking games for boys – Running a restaurant is loads of fun in this highly addictive game

Cooking Tycoon is a stimulating game restaurant particularly the number 1 brings the perfect mix between cooking in the kitchen with the construction of the restaurant.

Cooking Tycoon brings experience cooking fresh new life with customers, smiling, hundreds of delicious ingredients and tasty dishes! Running a restaurant is loads of fun in this highly addictive cooking games for boys is optimized to play while on the move. You will learn to take orders, bake, add toppings, and serve everything from burgers and fries to sushi and desserts to all your customers your crazy. Collect tips to earn money to unlock new dishes and build many types of flooring than to attract more customers. Explore the world of cooking, friends, and fun now!

Cooking Fest

cooking games for boys

Cook like a restaurant chef for your customers

Cooking Fest is one of the games or restaurant games top best apps for android free, with more levels to play. In-game cooking or this online cooking games for boys, you have various restaurants for dishes such as fast food, seafood, Chinese, Indian, United States and more. Cook like a restaurant chef, for customers, waiting at a restaurant using a manufacturer of fast food, and feel the amazing food the kitchen, in the cooking games or cooking games. Use of kitchen equipment such as pizza maker, popcorn maker and more, by playing one of the cooking games or cooking and the best service.

In this cooking games for boys, you can make breakfast and sell burgers, use knives, ovens, pubs operation, bar and restaurant, luxury hotel, bakery, baking & cooking, bread and butter, beach resorts. Team chef hat and start cooking dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Exciting online cooking games for boys to play for free
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