Customer Reviews of the Cooking Craze App

Customer Reviews of the Cooking Craze App
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Customer Reviews of the Cooking Craze App. Cooking Craze is produced by Big Fish, which is a company founded in 2002 by Paul Thelen. By 2004, Big Fish emerged as a top sales channel for game developers. The company offers a growing catalogue of over 450 mobile games and over 3,500 PC and MAC games. The executive team consists of only 10 people, but the company has three worldwide offices in Seattle, Washington, Luxemburg and Oakland, California.

Customer Reviews of the Cooking Craze App

This game

So much fun


Super fun

Fix Bugs

After completing a level it tallies up your coins and spoons. You dont give the accurate amount of spoons earned. If the balance of my spoons is fifty before completing a level, and I earn three more at the end, the spoon balance should increase by that amount and it doesn’t. You only get credit for one spoon. This game is a rip off. I uninstalled it.

Could be great

I play a LOT of phone games and cooking games and this game could be one of the best, however, it’s a definite pay to play game. You cannot beat certain levels without boosts which you need spoons for and they are given out sparingly making you have to buy to continue. Incentives to buy and supporting developers is ok but to be forced to buy in order to play mess this will be getting deleted! I haven’t even gotten to some of the other levels that I see others complaining about so I can already see more frustration then fun in this game. Games are meant to be fun not frustrating or a drain on your bank to play! Sometimes greed will get you nothing…

Customer Reviews of the Cooking Craze App

Customer Reviews of the Cooking Craze App

Cooking Craze

Who cares about your free 10 to whatever minutes, whatever happened to the boosts. I’m about ready to delete your game. I have spent well over a thousand dollars , because I need power ups to beat these levels. Getting sucky, and I do enjoy the game, but it’s getting pricey

Was fun for a little while

I got this game to earn something for another game, I kept this one though because it was fun and I enjoyed it. The recent update sucked most of the fun from the game. Bonus rounds are gone and you basically have to spend money to get anywhere in the latest level. Great job at ruining a good thing with greediness.


I’ve only been playing this game a few weeks, and it’s very enjoyable. I’ve always been a fan of quick paced cooking games like this so I’m glad I found it. My biggest frustration with it is that even using boosts, you don’t always get the comment card to open new levels. For example, I used the double money booster on a level because the goal was to earn 1400 coins. I earned 1650/1400 and I still didn’t get the comment card. I guess I just don’t understand why if you pass the level to that degree, you still don’t pass the level…? Also, there are levels I’ve played that requires you to earn a large amount of coins and even with all of my foods at the highest upgrades, I don’t even come close to getting the amount needed. What’s the point of requiring that many earned coins if you won’t supply the proper upgrades to pass it. I’ve never spent money on a game app and I don’t plan on starting anytime soon, so sorry, you’re not getting my money to buy boosts and spoons. Anyway, if that were to get fixed, it’d be a perfect 5 stars for me. Edit* A 2nd thought also occurred to me after writing this review. This game needs some kind of currency exchange added in somewhere. I keep earning coins in other cities because of the daily bonus tasks but after I’ve upgrades all my stores in that city, I can’t use the coins for anything else. For example,I have almost 100,000 coins in Rome and they’re just sitting there when I could exchange them in Mexico City and get some decent upgrades to start out a new level.

Simply amazing!

I have never written a review for any app before but this game is so amazing and addicting! It seems never ending and is great for kids, especially those who you are trying to teach to pay attention more. They have to pay close attention to the orders or else they will not know what to do. Amazing game!

Addicting but…

I love this game. It’s really addicting but I hate the forceful buys. Makes you be stuck on levels to get you to buy spoons. Worst part is having to wait 30 minutes for one life. I remember I stopped playing it before and I now know it’s for the same reasons.

I love it’s just..

Okay so l love this game but I don’t understand why they give the people a short amount of time and then they just leave.

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Customer Reviews of the Cooking Craze App
5 (100%) 1 vote

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