5 new cooking games 2018 to play online for free

5 new cooking games 2018 to play online for free
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New cooking games 2018 will make your day more and more exciting with many cooking games girl. Let’s choose your favorite games and play them now!

5 new cooking games 2018 to play online for free

Cupcake Time

Cupcakes – to be loved widely cupcakes of our but in some countries, this dish is also called Cake cup. Have you ever tried to cook it yourself? Today, the cake cooking games for girl together with the fun characters Molly and her cat Cleo you will prepare this dish. Before you on the screen will be placed on a table with their products, which is necessary for the preparation of the dough.

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When cakes are browned, we will get and set the mold on the table

First, we use flour, sugar, and eggs in a bowl piled all. Then, we all zoom use a mixer then into special molds with a spoon we pour the flour, half liquid. When the training is over then put the template on the baking sheet and put everything in the oven for a certain time. When they are browned, we will get and set the mold on the table. Now to decorate.

With the help of the special equipment, we will deal with cupcakes ice cream in different colors. After the on can set any fruit. Here everything is ready, put it in a special tray and you can bring to the table. This new cooking games 2018 is very interesting and helps the player learn step by step to cook the cake baked. All lovers of new cooking games for 2018 about cooking will appreciate the scenarios that the developer. So open Time Cupcake and learn how to cook this dish.

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Cooking Diary®: Tasty Hills

Your grandfather has invited you to Tasty Hills to make your dreams of becoming the greatest chef in history. Solve the mystery of the collapse of the empire in his restaurant, make new friends and fight with the cunning opponents. Prove your skills in front of food critics fair but difficult.

Cooking Diary is new cooking games 2018 time management fun, fast-paced. Put the multitasking skills of you on the test. Prepared dozens of dishes great with you and your assistant to winning the hearts of customers. Join a guild cuisines or create one of your own and join the competition thrilling.

new cooking games 2018

New cooking games 2018 – Join a guild cuisines or create one of your own and join the competition thrilling

Open the new restaurant, decorated to your liking and become the best chef in Tasty Hills! Put a new sound system in your restaurant to satisfy the music tastes of customers and get the tip or more or buy a new TV to entertain your customers while they wait for their order. Be the interior design of the restaurant of your very own! This new cooking games 2018 allow you to design your back wall, floor and decorate your dinner with the paintings and the curtains eye-catching. Become the most luxurious in town, with hundreds of products, clothes and various accessories. Grow a beard or mustache or change the hairstyle, eye color or even the shape of your face!

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Super Hero Cooking Contest

new cooking games 2018

New cooking games 2018 – At each stage, you will have many different tools

In this new cooking games for 2018, you will meet two beautiful girls who are fighting for peace and quiet, every person. Lady Bug, keep order in Paris. She has never gone far over its limits, but today, she will meet a super girl and know that she is a super only hero in the world. Meet Super Barbie, who can punish any villains, but also very fond of beauty, style, and fashion. In barbie new cooking games 2018, the girls meet in a match not on the battlefield, and in the kitchen. In the new cooking show, they need to bake a beautiful cake. Then, with the help of you, every one of them will decorate your creation, and the jury will decide the winner. At each stage, you will have many different tools.

Cooking Madness – A Chef’s Restaurant Games

Become the master chef you always wanted to become! This year, the game management addictive time-this will bring you to experience digital cooking food the best!

Get yourself in a craze cooking really. Cook like you is a WORD MAD in the Cooking madness! There was the cooking fever and you can’t get enough new cooking games 2018? Then this is the cooking game for you! You will be served delicious dishes for hungry customers in the restaurant excellent, with the fastest speed. There is no challenge that you can’t be beaten.

new cooking games 2018

Let the Madness cooking begin!

Dash from restaurant to restaurant on a map, this magical. You will discover and unlock more places as you progress on your journey. Attracted to the restaurant, back business and attract more and more customers. Let the Madness new cooking games 2018 begin!

Practice cooking skills and management skills of you. Press as fast as possible while keeping an eye on that right now. Doing dishes has never been so exciting and fun! Try all the kitchen tools can improve your cooking. Upgrade the dishes and kitchen utensils to have gaming experience better! Love a little suspense in the game your cooking? Keep up with rush hour, become better in time management. This new cooking games 2018 offers the level of fun and endless with the challenging tasks are set at each level to bring you a special experience.

Breakfast Maker – Island Cooking Story

This is a story cooking on the island, where customers of the island are hungry and waiting for tasty breakfast is served. You are a chef, cooking will eventually serve healthy breakfast for guests of the island which will keep them strong and energetic all day long in the new cooking games 2018. Get ready to cook a delicious breakfast in the kitchen as a manufacturer of best breakfast on the island while traveling on the train and make a story cooking wonderful island of 2018.

new cooking games 2018

Unlock all kitchen tools and different instruments to cook more food in less time

In the free online new cooking games 2018, serve the customers the best food by making a delicious breakfast using the skills of time management, the best in mania. You are a real master of the breakfast maker will make a delicious breakfast that no one has ever cooked on this island. Cook vegetables, fried onions, grilled sausage, boiled egg, pancake and much more. Serve cupcakes, fruit cake, fresh juice, fruit, toast, coffee, tea and more as a manufacturer of breakfast experts of the island.

Remember that time is limited, to make customer satisfaction, you need to use the skills of time management and food management best. Unlock all kitchen tools and different instruments to cook more food in less time. Experience a breakfast cook endless fun in Breakfast Maker – Island Cooking Story.

5 new cooking games 2018 to play online for free
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