Top 5 action PS4 games or 2018

Top 5 action PS4 games or 2018
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Top 5 action PS4 games or 2018. You are the person who likes to play PS4 games, you feel like you can mix into Playstation 4; Let’s take a look at the title PS4 games or not be missed in 2018 offline. Action game online free are one of the most powerful games to help players feel the best, the best entertainment after the tired office hours.

Top 5 action PS4 games or 2018

#1: Opening our list of the Top 5 PS4 Action Adventure is Heavy Rain

When it comes to story-driven games, Quantic Dream is action PS4 games interactive action-adventure puts

Heavy Rain

Opening our list of the Top 5 PS4 Action Adventure is Heavy Rain

you in a murder mystery to find the mysterious Origami Killer. Throughout the entire game, players can only interact with their surroundings to observe and investigate. During action sequences, QTE’s are a handful and it requires careful attention. Just like every interactive game, players can receive unique endings depending on their choices.

It has a PlayScore of 8.38

#2:  Skylanders: Trap Team

The Evil Kaos has blown up their evil super prison and it’s up to you to find these missing villains.

Team up with your favorite Skylanders and use the Trapnatium. A magical material that can silence these baddies for good. It’s an action-adventure of all ages, and it doesn’t end there, their latest expansion adds more levels and colors to the fray.

It has a PlayScore of 8.41

#3: LEGO Dimensions

An amalgam of the entire LEGO franchises. Meet your favorite pop culture characters in their various franchises in this unique crossover episode. Travel from dimensions and meet Harry Potter, Gandalf, Batman, Spiderman and more to defeat the evil lord Voltech.

LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions

Use your Master Building skills to build new life, and destroy evil.

It has a PlayScore of 8.42

#4: Beyond: Two Souls

The second action games PS4 from Quantic Dream on our list. It offers the same interactive elements from their popular Heavy Rain entry but this time it contained a star-studded cast and a new gameplay mechanic.

Play as a spiritual entity guiding Ellen Page in a one of a kind soul-link. The action games is also accompanied by Willem Dafoe and it’s one of the first games to perfect the realism of facial recognition technology.

It has a PlayScore of 8.43

#5: Watch Dogs 2

San Francisco awaits you in this sequel to the hacking action-adventure game form Ubisoft. Marcus Halloway takes the helm with his new DedSec peeps to take down an omnipresent Operating System that’s threatening their city.

Explore an open world San Francisco and play with everything digital… from cars, TV’s and cellphones.

It’s a tech playground and it receives a PlayScore of 8.50

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Top 5 action PS4 games or 2018
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